Rwanda - Nyamasheke Dark Roast
Rwanda - Nyamasheke Dark Roast
Rwanda - Nyamasheke Dark Roast

Rwanda - Nyamasheke Dark Roast

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Rwandan coffee is world famous, particularly Nyamasheke region.  

Why?  It has spectacular notes of honey, chai and caramel, bought out by the "the land of a thousand hills" which feature volcanic soils.  This is one of our favourite coffees to enjoy as a pour-over or aeropress, outside in the mountains. 

Mr. Celestin produces only one container of these beans per year with incredible dedication.  You'll notice it as you truly experience what Africa has to offer.

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Feel good about these beans: 

These beans come from the Meuhororo washing station, managed by Mr. Celestin Rumenerangabo who started his coffee journey at the age of 17.  Rwanda was ravaged by the Tutsi genocide in 1994 and it took until 1988 to re-establish his coffee business, which is now 8500 trees.  Coffee is the fourth largest export for Rwanda and was a key pillar of economic recovery following the genocide.  

This coffee has been bought to you by six full-tiime local employees and 120-150 part-time workers, 70% of whom are women, who receive interest-free loans to help with healthcare, education and business startup costs.  Approximately 500 farmers from the surrounding area bring coffee in to be processed, hand sorted and sun-dried. 

About one container of coffee is produced annually from this station and this harvest received extremely high ratings in the coffee world.