Calgary Barista Training, Barista Education and Coffee Equipment Setup under the expert guidance of an award-winning Barista.
Do you need all-around help with setting up your coffee business or home coffee setup?  We have the well-rounded expert you are looking for. 
Do you need help with barista training and coffee education for your staff and baristas?
Unbiased consulting and sourcing of the right coffee equipment for your home or business setup?
Do you need help with installing coffee equipment and dialling in the controls alongside your staff? 
Do you need expert-level Barista services for events? 
Brandon Goodkey is your guy.  Our award-winning barista whose passion is all of the above.  Whether you're setting up in your home, office or a cafe, let Brandon take you through all of the different elements of making incredible coffee and serving people the way he knows best - with expert precision, a true passion for coffee, and the knowledge that coffee fuels the best days and lives of intention.