Five'21 Coffee Roasters is an artisanal coffee roasting company in Calgary, Alberta.  We are a small family business who sources high quality organic beans from socially and environmentally responsible producers.  

We small-batch roast and sign every single bag that we produce, proud that we are able to showcase the incredibly diverse coffee flavours around the world.  We are casual people who love coffee, and love helping people get to know speciality coffees.  

Five'21 Roasters intentionally sources the best crops currently in harvest and chooses them from sources with excellent environmental and social practices.  

We buy only fresh, high-quality beans that are vetted by our main supplier who brings them in direct from origin - did you know, that the prices received by farmers based on weight of coffee keeps falling, while prices for a cup of coffee raise?  Farmers only receive 19-22% of the value of a cup of coffee. 


It is important to us that we support coffee producers who:

-Are small, family-based businesses.

-Are USDA certified organic and are part of the rainforest alliance.

-Are socially and environmentally responsible producers who are aware of and work on: 

  • Social Aspects: Minimum and worker age, salary, education conflicts, working environment (health and safety), discimination and forced labour prevention. 
  • Environment Aspects Land protection and reforestation, erosion management, use of pesticides and fertilizers, water source protection, biodiversity protection, waste management.
  • Product and Economy Aspects Transparency and equity, fair trade, traceability, single origin, quality, safety and GMO aspects, processing and consistency in quality.