Ethiopia - Banko Michicha Light Roast

Ethiopia - Banko Michicha Light Roast

Five'21 Coffee Roasters

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This season we are offering a very special heirloom light roast from the Guji region of Ethiopia, renowned for its fruit tastes and floral cups that shine when lightly roasted to preserve their fine tastes. 

We are working with Mr Tariku Edema, a third generation coffee grower & leader within the area, establishing his own coffee washing station and breaking the mould of large corporations.  

This is an enjoyable, fragrant cup.  You will pick up blueberry and fruit jam notes in the vapour as well as a beautiful finish.  Chemex enthusiasts, you will love these beans!  

We hand-sign our bags and inspect the beans that go from our roaster into every single bag. 

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