Nicaragua Medium-Medium Roast
Nicaragua Medium-Medium Roast

Nicaragua Medium-Medium Roast

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Introducing the apple, cinnamon and mulled wine tastes of Nicaraguan coffee.  Take one look at these beans in your hand and you'll appreciate them.  Much like Zambian beans, these big, juicy beans are bursting with flavour and larger than many others. They are specialty coffee beans for a reason! 

These beans are from Don Isidro's Microlot deep in the jungles of Nicaragua's famed Jinotega region, grown in the shade of macadamia, avocado and plantain trees.  Don's lot is a rare find.  

For those that like to drink coffee and KNOW they are drinking coffee with rich taste, this bold bean will do the trick.  For those of you who love your dark roasts, who'd like to explore, this may be the next evolution for you in your coffee journey.

Feel good about this coffee:

Our relationship with Don Isidro and Gold Mountain Growers allows us to ensure that this wonderful farmer receives some of the highest prices in the region for his direct trade beans, which he and his family grow and harvest themselves. 

At only 3000 - 5000 lb harvested per year, this is truly a microlot with impeccable attention paid to quality at all stages. It has won several awards and funds a number of social and environmentally responsible projects such as leadership training and solar panel installation.  You can read more about it on our blog. 


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