Open Road - Medium Roasted Blend
Open Road - Medium Roasted Blend

Open Road - Medium Roasted Blend

Five'21 Coffee Roasters

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Whether cycling, running, or early morning driving towards that next mountain adventure, Open Road is that morning cup to get you there and to keep you going on those long stretches of asphalt.

We understand those early mornings out on the Open Road, there shouldn’t be a sacrifice on the quality of your fuel for that intentional day. Pour it in a to-go cup and it’ll feel more rewarding than enjoying it in your pjs at home. No mistaking this blend though, you’ll appreciate it the same while planning or dreaming up that next Open Road adventure.

This smooth, enjoyable medium roasted blend is the right cup of coffee to join you for those adventures.

The right mix of beans from the world’s experts in coffee growing, the right taste from the regions who have mastered coffee growing many years ago.

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