Dangerous Dan - 4x4x48 Challenge
Dangerous Dan - 4x4x48 Challenge

Dangerous Dan - 4x4x48 Challenge


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A third double lung transplant, recovery complications, and 6 months of a family staying in an Airbnb.

That’s the life of Dan and his family. Born with Cystic Fibrosis, Dan has been through a lot in a short life. His twin sister at his side, while losing her career and livelihood; his mother, devastated in losing her catering business. Both staying by his side while he endures this suffering, and fighting yet another double lung transplant.

On March 5-7, we will embark on a tough challenge for a tough family. 4x4x48 challenge (4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours), to raise funds for Dan’s family and to push ourselves for them. 

100% of the funds raised will go to Dan's family to help them with the costs they’ve incurred as well as the income they’ve lost the past 6 months.

Cant donate? You can still help.

- donate blood. 
- sign an organ donor card.